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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, welcome to the news hour, i'm jane dutton from al jazeera headquarters in doha and coming up, in the next 60 minutes police launch more than 100 raids on addresses across france and belgium, the french prime minister warns of more attacks to come. paris is a city on edge and a false alarm causes panic among people paying tribute to those killed in the attacks.
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france launches attacks on i.s.i.l. stronghold in syria. and a space of unexplained deaths in burundi create an atmosphere of suspicion and fear. ♪ police in france and belgium launched major operation to find suspects linked to friday's attacks in paris, 129 people died in those assaults, more than 150 raids were conducted overnight across france. a rocket launcher and assault rifle and bulletproof vests were seized and prime minister bell says more attacks are likely as europe and france remain targets, french investigating the attacks are focusing on the growing attention to belgium, at least two attackers had lived in
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brussels and raids ongoing in brussels and we can cross now to paul brennan who is live there and you are in the neighborhood where some of these raids are being taking place and tell us what you have seen. >> reporter: well, in contrast to the french authorities who have been giving almost a running commentary of raids ongoing there here in brussels and in bull gum the police and the prosecutors have been very reticent with the progress and we are in the neighborhood which has been the focus of the authority's attention because of its connections to the attackers for the paris thing and as we arrived simply right place right time a raid was on going behind us or in front of us and i will step out of the way and let the camera man daniel have a look of what is going on and focusing on a premises 47 and started about 35, 40 minutes ago when they
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were throwing up the police corners around the property with dogs keeping everyone back and there were lauded hailers and ongoing shouting at the occupants of number 47 to open the windows and blinds which appear to be closed and come out with their hands up and we are not aware if there is any response from the people inside the property. from where we are standing you can probably see the atmosphere now compared to when we first arrived appears relatively calm. now is that because there is a standoff on going and the area is contained or are they in the process of establishing there is nobody actually at home at the moment, that is still to be found out. but what i do know is there are police officers up on a rooftop which is up to the right-hand side over there getting a high vantage point over the property
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they are focusing on at the moment and the state of alert which is here in bull gum is at level number three which is the highest state they possibly can be and looking of course as a matter of priority for this 8th attacker if you light, his name is salah-salam and yet to be apprehended and convinced he is a major threat and described him as dangerous and told people not to approach him at any cost but phone the police or authorities if they do spot him as in the street and it appears that the well it's fairly obvious that the police and federal police and the mail military are pulling out all the stops to apprehend this man. >> that area has been a concern in the past, hasn't it, paul, concerned of what is going on in these types of neighborhoods and why people are getting radicalized, why is that? >> basically it appears the
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moderate message or de-rat call message has not been reaching this neighborhood and other neighborhoods and they are not alone in belgium as being a concern for the authorities and the prime minister has spoke end about a gigantic problem here in this neighborhood and it has been shown from previous terror attacks i think it's five in the past 18 months have had connections with brussels or with belgium and suddenly the neighborhood keeps coming up, time and time again as being connected in either family or some associate way with people. for example here in brussels it was the stepping off point for the police train attack, the man who was over powered by the american serviceman on the train and left from brussels heavily armed with a rifle and other weapons and appears the authorities in brussels and
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neighborhoods like this which is a predominately muslim neighborhood have been unable to get their message across to argue against radicalizing elements and the knowledge that three brothers we understand islam who is still a wanted man and brother abraham seemed to have blown himself up in paris and mohamed appears to have been arrest arrested. >> i have to stop you paul, we are going to france where we are about to make an address about the raids and what is happening. >> translator: the war against the terrorists internally and externally and a query is underway with records to the object events that took place on friday evening. it is progressing quickly,
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together with our european partners. the prosecutor stated this morning the latest development. the threat of further events are high. the prime mister said so clearly, this is not new. for some months much before the events of january this year for mobilization of the intelligence services, as you know we have adapted our legislative laws and reorganized our methods to fight an unheard of risk of terrorism. the prime minister stated that six terrorist attempts have been prevented since spring of this year. the legal framework under the laws of 2012 and 2014 to
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strengthen measures against the terrorist threats, 213 people have been prevented from leaving the country, 63 prevented from arriving internally in the country, 87 sites have been the object of an administrative l k locking. in addition six people have had their passports removed, 25 taking into account foreign nationals, links to jaw haddism a and -- jahidism and for months they have gathered the necessary elements regarding people
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occupying cultural institutions. these procedures are already in progress and they are coming to their end and there will be an investigation by the ministers. since friday evening the vigilence plan is to have preventative measures to protect the french people. we have asked exceptional organization to apply with regards to administrative searches and as regards to people under surveillance. 104 surveillance of individuals who have drawn the attention of our services. last night throughout the
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national territory policemen together with our intention services have proceeded at 168 searches of individuals suspected on various accounts. in view of the arrests of the searches enable us to accelerate and this is important and vital our inquiries on the radicalized elements with the information that we have, the state of emergency is in full effect. these searches took place in 19 departments in the paris region in the north in toulouse and in all the large cities of france. no territory of the republic is
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neglected in the maximum state of emergency under which the intelligence services under my authority. for my colleagues and citizens, 83 detentions, 31 arms, 18 discoveries of computers, hard drives and mobile telephones have also been seized with a view of carrying out a full investigation and an object was identified in the area for the trafficking of drugs and arms and supporting jihadism and received three automatic guns, a
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klostikoff and under the prosecutor and the legal framework a search took place at we discovered several guns, ammunitions, military cloths, the judiciary police is conducting its inquiries and as you know there can be collections between terrorism and gangsters. all the information obtained last night will be useful to dismantle the terrorist cells. let everyone be clear this is only a start. this will continue. the response of the republic will be total. anyone who attacks the republic,
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the republic will reply and respond. therefore and as the prime minister stated this morning we are mobilizing all means of investigation to expel the 19 or place under house arrest those who need to be, conduct searches for people. ladies and gentlemen, faced with the terrorist and terrorism which is declared a war on us, only one response is possible and that is what french people have adopted. the attack of the republic against those who wish to destroy it. the terrorist will never destroy
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the republic because it is the republic that will destroy them. thank you very much. >> terrorist will never destroy the republic, it's the republic that will destroy them words from the interior minister saying 68 raids conducted and weapons found and the search was far and wide across france. let's bring in lee barker who is in paris and listening and taking listen to the raids and sounds that they were well equipped, lee. >> reporter: yes, as we heard there from bernard, the interior minister france is viewing what happened on friday as an act of war and as a result they are acting very, very rigorously indeed of arranging a string of raids across the country all the way down from the south mediterranean coast to the
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border and we have more information when it comes to names of two attackers that were involved of what happened on friday. the first name is sammy, a french national from the perusia and born in 1987 which makes him only what 28 years old. another name amahed mohamed and thought to have blown himself up and found a syrian passport at the scene and believe this may belong to mohamed which would mean that they believe that he comes from the syrian city of idlib, that news just in to us. when it comes to the investigation expanding nationwide as we heard there, a string of raids nationwide, 168 in total in eight different locations and raids and several
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arrevenues and weapons and cashed were seized and also in the town between france and belgium closer to the north and as far as the french authorities are concerned an awful lot of activity has taken place. they say thettacks oriday were a part of a complex, cross border operation involving people living in both belgium and here in france and of course also in the large city of toulouse 200 police were involved in raids there and snipers took up positions around suspected premises. and close to paris once again in the suburb eyewitnesses say the doors were smashed in closer to midnight and that several arrests were made and that items were ease seized from properties there. four other major cities are also on the list includes marsay on the mediterranean and german border and again in the south the city of leon where they
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seized a rocket launcher from a premises there. earlier in the morning prime minister said he felt there was still enough of a security risk to announce that there could be potentially more attacks in the coming days but as we heard from the interior minister the feeling is that it's now down to the republic to bring the so called terrorist to justice rather than allowing the so called terrorist to inflict more pain, more harm on france. >> thank you for that lee barker. the french military retaliated to attacks in paris by carrying out attacks in syria and destroyed a weapons depo and training camp and we have the details from paris. >> reporter: france has taken the war back to i.s.i.l. launching intense series of bombing raids against the south proclaimed capitol al-raqqa and
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they flown sunday from jordan and the gulf, french foreign minister described it as a response to the black friday massacre in paris. >> translator: done it in the past and done it again today because raqqa as you know is the center of command of i.s.i.l. and cannot be attacked severely with the drama that happened in paris without being present and active. >> reporter: raids against targeted supplied and selected by u.s. intelligence. it had been revealed that iraq warned france that an attack was about to be launched last week and a team of 19 fighters had been trained in camps in raqqa to carry out the mission. >> it's about as much as french domestic politics of being effective and france has to sent a message to the forces in i.s.i.l. to try to turn the forces back to them and hit hem
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them the way they were hit this weekend and they have been coordinating with the french and are largely symbolic trying to reach back out to i.s.i.l. to let them know they will not stand for this. >> reporter: french was striking back at al-raqqa welcomed by people here standing vigil for those who lost their lives on black friday. >> translator: we need to feel the armed forces were capable of striking far from the frontiers that his killed in our city so many french people. >> translator: before these attacks i thought bombarding i.s.i.l. would cause problems for france, that it would increase the refugee problem for example, but now i have no doubt we can't go on like this. i.s.i.l., we have to eliminate them. >> reporter: the mood in paris is still defiant but there is no doubting an under current of fear exists here. there is a growing realization
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in the rest of western europe as well that they all may be vulnerable to this new and dangerous turn in the war, al jazeera, paris. activist from raqqa has spoken to al jazeera about those air strikes on the city. we have not identified for him for his own safety. >> translator: the u.s. led coalition just this morning carried out three strikes car getting i.s.i.l. posts on the outskirts of the city but no civilian casualties were reported. the air strikes caused a state of panic among civilians and residents say the air strikes might come as retaliation to paris attacks and yesterday evening french jets had 30 on the city targeting i.s.i.l. posts and were big but did not leave casualties among civilians. residents said the air strikes were not meant to target civilians but i.s.i.l. positions in raqqa. >> we have the founder of the
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king's college u.s. foreign policy research group and joins us live from london and good to have you with us, lillie and two strikes we see coming from the french on i.s.i.l. in syria and on their home ground and turf, will it have an impact, a positive impact? >> well, first of all thank you for having me here. i think we should analyze french response from at least three different angles here. the first one would be with regard to domestic politics. this is a strong and largely expected signal from the french government, the french people that a government is not going to stand idle with attacks on french territory and we have to understand in order to understand the effectiveness of this military response. the second point is more related to the military campaign against
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i.s.i.s. the strikes themselves will probably increase the likelihood that speed is the process of degrading and ultimately destroying i.s.i.l. military capability in iraq and syria and the last point is probably perhaps the most interesting because in terms of the broader counter terrorist campaign increased air strikes will not stop terrorist attacks, perhaps even -- >> do you think i.s.i.l., i'm trying to wonder what their game plan is here, are they trying to possibly push countries like france to put troops on the ground? >> no, i don't see that as their first like reason for these kind of attacks. i think the discourse, what we are creating about a war and now everyone and every politician is talking about war and this is exactly what they want and want
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to see it as a war so they can use it in order to recruit more people and convince more people to wage these attacks and the military part of this response is only -- is more part of the solution. of course governments, coalition governments want to again degrade and destroy i.s.i.l. militarily but i.s.i.s. is not the only enemy of these countries, you have other organizations using the civil war in syria as a strong argument in order to recruit people. >> seems to be certainly very effective, isn't it and wondering about the timing of these strikes on raqqa and in france or you know these raids and surely this information was known to the french and possibly known about the attacks but where the people are, where they are operating from, why did they wait until now? >> well, you know, like i think
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that the intelligence community finds itself in a really difficult situation there because on the one hand you might have information about someone being somewhat related to a certain extent related to an organization but what you want to do is you want to get more and more information to get to the big fish let's say so you have this tradeoff between am i going to arrest this guy there on the ground which is perhaps a nobody or will i try to wait a little bit more, gather more information to try to understand more how this group works and perhaps who is the master mind behind the attackers. >> fascinating indeed and thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. let's move on to the other news now, battle underway to try to recapture the third largest city in yemen and saudi-led forces at vanced to the city of tys which lynchs them to aiden
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and it's besieged by houthi rebels and troops loyal to the former president saleh and others are controlled by those by abd rabbuh mansur hadi. deadly attacks in the capitol and against the controversial reelection of president pierre nkurunziza and talking about who is responsible for the deaths and now we report from there. >> translator: from his hide out in a neighborhood in burundi's capitol and tell us police arrested and tortured him and won't give his identity for security reasons and says his hands and feet were bound by ropes for three days and say he
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was in the political protest that started in april against pierre nkurunziza and wants him to say he is part of the group. >> translator: they have the target and seem to know where they are but i don't have guns. >> reporter: many people are worried about the systematic murders going on for months now and what started out as a peaceful process has armed violence and people regularly killed and bodies dumped from the streets and in trenches and it's unclear who is carrying out the killings. on saturday night gunmen shot and killed a young man the street and her husband was among nine people murdered by unknown asilents. >> i'm afraid because i don't know who has killed my husband. >> reporter: some of the bodies
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being found have their hands and legs bound together. burundi's human rights commission says it is a report of retaliatory killings and none claimed responsibility and government and opposition have accused each other. there are a number of people who live in some neighborhoods of their city mostly but of course in some other areas as well who own guns and who actually continued to choose them either against the police or against their neighborhoods. >> reporter: in response to this police are carrying out a mayor security crack down and many people have been arrested in neighborhoods regarded as opposition strongholds. >> i don't know a place where leave people from opposition in this country or live only one ethnic group in this country. and people are targeted and are people who have arms illegally.
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>> reporter: she and relatives continue to mourn her husband and said he was not a political man and just wants to know who killed him and why. >> let's get the latest from our correspondent catherine who we heard in the package there in the capitol so there is more violence overnight, catherine. what is the situation now? >> reporter: jane, as i'm speaking to you we have just been hearing reports in the last hour or so there has been two grenade attacks in the neighborhood here in the capitol and we are not sure of the casualties and still waiting for more information and we are told the heavy police presence there and like we said in the introduction the attacks last night and gunshots were heard in several neighborhoods in the capitol city, several people were killed in separate attacks in neighborhoods in this city, people are very afraid of, you
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know, what is going on, they want the government to solve the situation and there is an on going security operation like i said in that story but it seems that this attacks are still continuing. >> really seems to be getting worse and catherine thank you very much and let's get the whether with rob and the continued flooding in southeast india. >> it's the right time of year for the rains to come but it's not surprising this year in particular the rain has been very heavy and we have a line satellite picture that shows clearly coverings in sri-lanka and the place to address is chile and 226 millimeters in the last 24 hours and raining since the 8th of november for the best
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part of the week really and we've had something like 480 millimeters and the average is 450 so we exceeded that and it's not drying up at all and something of a circulation in this part of india, particularly over the bay and feeding the moisture and showers on and it's going to keep going tomorrow and 24 hours beyond that to the next and creeping up to the south of bangladesh but the focus here is this likely parts. the rest of india is quite settled and causes some problems in the northwest we have the problem of pollution in the form of dust or smog in deli, jane. plenty ahead and including in just under five years this site is expected to host the tokyo olympics and tell you it's no where ready for the games. ♪
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♪ hello, you are watching al jazeera and the top stories in the last hour belgium police have been raiding homes in the capitol brussels and searching for a suspect in the paris attacks, these two of the french culprits had lived in brussels. french police carried out 168 overnight raids following paris attacks and weapons and computers and phones seized. the french interior minister says information obtained will be useful in finding and destroying terrorist cells. the french military launched a
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series of air strikes against i.s.i.l. positions in syria, fighting jets targeted positions in the group's self declared capitol of raqqa. if it's to defeat i.s.i.l. are topping agenda at the g 20 summit in turkey and david cameron is expected to ask russia to intensify its air strikes against the terrorist group, the british prime minister is to hold talks with president vladimir putin later. >> we have our differences with the russians not least because they have done so much to degrade the non-i.s.i.l., the opposition to assad, to people who could be part of the future of syria but the conversation i will have with vladimir putin is to say look there is one thing we agree about is we would be safer in russia and safer in britain if we degrade and destroy i.s.i.l. and that is what we should be focusing on. >> we are live where the g 20 summit is taking place and talk us through what he meant when he
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said russia needs to place their focus more on i.s.i.l. >> reporter: well, jane, russia started bombing in syria in september and while it says it is targeting all terrorist groups it says that includes i.s.i.l. much of the russian fire power has been against groups opposed to bashar al-assad, russia along with iran are the major backers of bashar al-assad and trying to keep him in power for the time being and they want russia to help with the fight against i.s.i.l. and hearing from cameron's office there is a coordinated effort among european leaders and u.s. to persuade them and cameroon had the meeting with vladimir putin and angela merkel the german chancellor had a one on one meeting with vladimir putin and barack obama did the same
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yesterday and all giving the same message they want to see a more coordinated response and vladimir putin yesterday said we should work together to combat i.s.i.l., jane. >> any more takers, anyone else keen to join the fight? >> well, i mean obviously there have been a lot of condemnation from all of the world leaders at this summit. this is especially supposed to be a summit about the global economy and has been completely over shadowed by what happened in france but not just what happened in france but suicide bombings in beirut just last week plus the downing of the airliner over the sinai and attacks against british tourists in the summer and ankora in october and everybody united in condemnation, no suggestion yet that others will be practically joining the fight and britain says it may have to consider air strikes in syria as well and know france of course struck
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targets in raqqa overnight and has bin hinting it is currently only targeting in iraq and may join the fight in syria as well. >> bernard what do they walk away with at the end of this meeting? >> well, i think obviously there will be a final communication at the end of the meeting at the end of the day and in the communication we know there will be a meeting between obama, merkel, cameron, and renzi, the italian prime minister and french foreign minister will also have a meeting about i.s.i.l. we can expect i think certainly the message that has been coming out over the last 24 hours is there will be more coordinate and the only way to combat the threat many leaders believe is to coordinate the fight against i.s.i.l. in syria, coordinate much more that is jane. >> all right thank you. two palestinians have been killed during an israeli army raid and the troops came attack
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at the refugee camp and they were demolishing a home of a man who killed an israeli man in june, 20 palestinians were wounded. since october 86 palestinians and 12 israelis have been killed in the violence and mohamed is following the story from west jerusalem. >> reporter: israeli forces moved into the refugee camp in cover of darkness to demolish the house of a palestinian who is now held in israeli jails and who is accused of killing a jewish settler back in june. now, according to the statement issued by the israeli military the forces came under fire as they entered the refugee camp and they responded in the cross fire three palestinians died. however, people we spoke to at the refugee camp say only two palestinians have actually died and do deny there was any
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gunfire coming from the palestinian direction towards israelis and actually say one of the victims was actually a young man who stood on the rooftop of his house to check on what was going on. certainly relations between the israeli military and the youth in the refugee camp have always been tense. this is not the first time the israelis move in to demolish that house and have tried it twice before and didn't manage to get in and were met with fierce resistance and comes on the back of several other demolitions since friday, a couple of houses. heavy rain in northern iraq caused flooding in camps for people displaced by violence, aid agencies say unless funding is made available immediately those in the camps are vulnerable to disease. from the city of irbil we report. >> reporter: winter arrived at the camp in the kurdistan region of northern iraq. a few days of rain have turned makeshift streets into muddy
5:39 am
paths. she is desperate and lived here for 18 months after escaping i.s.i.l. fighters who seized her home in mosul and she and her family are freezing in this camp. >> translator: sometimes we sleep in the kitchen, other times in the bathroom. we have no place to go because of the rain and the storms. the other day our tent collapsed on the kids. when it rains the power goes off. >> reporter: this camp is typical of many others across northern iraq which is struggling to cope with the winter weather. u.n. hcr has a cash crisis and cutback on what it provides and winter is making it worse and oil is scarce and the government is struggling to provide basic needs. the biggest challenge for this camp and many others is not the cold but the rain and as you can see it can come down very heavily. now for the most vulnerable, the
5:40 am
children, this surreal challenge. if disease takes a hold in this camp it can spread very quickly. the general manager of the camp doesn't have enough funding or infrastructure. >> translator: we are much concerned from rainstorms. we are doing our best to overcome such harsh conditions by providing waterproof covers for these tents but frankly speaking these tents can't survive strong rainstorms. >> reporter: it has been eight months since the head of the un refugee agency saying the crisis is a tipping point and more money is needed, that money has not yet arrived so these people continue to face misery everyday under the canvas, i'm with al jazeera in irbil. more than 2000 rescuers searching for survivors following a massive landslide in china a 25 died after rain swept mud and rocks over homes in the providence and at least 21 are feared missing and one person
5:41 am
has been found alive so far and this warning about further flooding with heavy rains predicted until wednesday and japan has fallen back in recession and released on monday showed the economy shrank and china is thought to be for the decline and the party landslide election when she is barred by the constitution from becoming president and will choose a proxy instead. the ruling union solidarity party will remain in power to the end of january and promising a smooth hand over of power following the first openly contested election in 25 years. and we will be able to tackle the problems facing myanmar in the second part of our series on child labor in the asia pacific and looks at why a third of all
5:42 am
children in myanmar are forced to work. >> reporter: like many children in myanmar james has done his growing up out here, on the streets, in the workforce. he is one of the characters of the street life, greeting tourists in seven languages and trying to sell them post cards. he is 15 now and says he left school when he was seven to earn money. >> for my family, yeah, i have my mom and i have my younger sister and younger brother, i need to take care of my family. >> reporter: under military that ruled myanmar for 50 years there was no free education. james' father died years ago leaving him as the main earner for the family and mother knows the dangers but she says there is no choice. >> translator: when he goes out selling late at night i feel so worried that he might get into a fight or get arrested. >> reporter: children at work
5:43 am
often in hard labor is a common sight in this immoverished country and children aged between 7-16 are working and clearly that is a statistic that needs to change if this country is to see real and sustainable developments but myanmar is changing and emerging from the shadow of military rule with opposition national league for democracy winning the general election there is greater hope for children, long time campaigners hope the party's leader will have more attention on education than predecessors. >> get free education up to secondary level and encourage ngos to give the nonformal education because i do sincerely believe that a formal education is not enough to cover the whole population. >> reporter: it will come too late for james, he will continue
5:44 am
working so his youngist siblings will have opportunities that he didn't, wayne with al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera we in the heart of africa where some of the last remaining pristine rain forests on earth are under threat, plus. with cuba opening up more foreigners than ever before are running this race and i'm daniel and i'll be running with them. ♪
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♪ unlikely relationship between the logging industry and
5:46 am
conservationists is helping to save wildlife in the republic of congo and natural habitat in the triangle have been lost at an alarming rate and in the republic of the north of the republic of congo on the border of central african republic and cameroon and 260 kilometer area forms parts of the national park. john hendron travels to the region to see if the forest can provide economic benefit being home to endangered wildlife. >> reporter: the lush tropical forests of central africa are shrinking. in the past few decades the machinery of the logging industry has slowly rolled into one of the most isolated places on the planet home to chimpanzees and gorilla and the conservation society and lincoln
5:47 am
park zoo are trying to save the untouched wood lands and working with an ally, the logging companies themselves. >> if wildlife is going to exist particularly in countries with a lot of very poor people, a lot of the wildlife in the world, the richest wildlife in the world are often in the areas with the most marginalized and need to ballness it with the wildlife. >> reporter: instead of logging the forest the biggest in the congo are limiting the number of trees it cuts per hector and that is paying off in northern europe and the u.s. where buyers and some governments now demand wood from still prospering forests. >> it can be a good business. >> you can sell that as a premium product. >> you can sell it as premium. >> reporter: logging has gone on intensive but it picked up at the turn of the century and
5:48 am
hoping using sustainable logging practices company also be able to log here for decades, the problem is only about 15% of the floor is floor is being logged as sustainable. >> some wildlife remains skeptical. >> when sustainable amount is responsible but where scientific background and monitoring take place. there are very few places where it's carried out well but in theory it's possible. >> reporter: there is new reason to believe that at least here in the congo it's working, the nonprofit council certifies logging operation as sustainable if they can sustain the trees, wildlife and the local people. >> we still have wildlife and elephants and where there are companies close to a national impact and yes it's working.
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>> reporter: the forest says as they demand it and the logging operations they call sustainable will grow too, john with al jazeera, republic of the congo. let's get the sports news with joe. >> jane, thank you. the french national football team will trained to england today for a match due to take place on tuesday with security stepped up since attacks in paris, the france team was on the pitch friday night when a suicide bomber struck outside the national stadium and it's tighter at nfl games on sunday as well as the usual metal detectors counter terrorism police were brought if for the miami game in philadelphia and fans not allowed to bring backpacks and purses in stadiums and carrying everything in a clear plastic bag and u.s. authorities say there is no specific threats to nfl games but the league is taking no chances. in the field denver broncos
5:50 am
manning added another record to his impressive and five time league mvp was the all time leader and passing brett favre with the team of kansas chiefs reached 71840 yards. unfortunately for manning he ended the game on the bench and broncos lost 29-13. andy murray and nadal get the campaign at the world finals underway on london on monday and round robin has the top eight placers in the world face each other on a week and world two is playing in the tournament and is going for the seventh title and came through 6-4-6-2. and he will next play defending yanukovich who needed just 65 minutes to beat japan 6-1-6-1,
5:51 am
the serbs 15 victory and indoors the world number one claimed three grand slams this year missing out on the french open in the final. >> i think i was at my best and ultimately it has been an incredible performance that i was hoping i can have coming into the match, coming into this tournament where i've had a great record in the last couple of years reflecting back on those memories of course it gives me more confidence and more comfort coming into every single match. check on top of women's tennis for the first time in five years. beat russia to clinch the cup and they combining in a dramatic doubles match to secure the best of five, 3-2.
5:52 am
new zealand's ross taylor highest by batsman in australia and had 290 runs on the purse and surpassed a record since 1903 and the third highest score by a new zealand batsman and was 9 1/2 hours total at the crease and helped them to a 65 run lead in the first innings but certainly batting centuries from smith and adam have helped australia move ahead by 193 run in second innings and one day's play remaining. a complex hearing involved the court of arbitration for sports, weather and australian rules football team has gone underway in sidney and the case began almost three years ago when afl team bombers announced they were being investigated by the league, australian doping agency and accused of supplying 34
5:53 am
players with ban supplements, in march this year the afl cleared the players of antidoping charges and escaped bans but the world antidoping agency is appealing the decision and courts of arbitration for sport will be final and the hearing will last several days. more trouble for the 2020 olympics in tokyo, the stadium due to be the center piece for the games is falling even further behind and japanese officials are now saying construction will probably start in early 2017 giving them just over three years to be ready, the original plans were scrapped earlier this year because of soaring costs as japan slips back into recession and plans not submitted. the driver denied that early season problems were all in his head and he continued a winning runner form in brazil on sunday and started for the fifth race
5:54 am
in a row and led start to finish to nine victory to his teammate and champion hamilton and got the title last month in texas but he god second place in standings and more confident than ever he has the pace to challenge his teammates in the final race of the season at the end of the month. >> it was a great weekend for me here, and everything relative that happened back in paris, still very, very happy and went perfectly. put on a good challenge but i was able to control it and never give him a chance so i'm pleased with that. >> reporter: heads of governor will look to the spot at next year's european championship so for the first time on monday they locked 1-1 heading in the second leg of their playoff with the republic of ireland in dublin and hungary will be the first in final since 1986, they won the second leg of their playoff 2-1 against norway to
5:55 am
qualify for 2016 in paris and prevailed 3-1 on aggregate. now with relations warming between cuba and the united states more people are visiting the island, a run through the streets of the capitol havana attracted more foreign runners this year than ever before, a third of them are from the united states, daniel joined them. >> reporter: they came from the remote far east of cuba to run, tourists for a few days while they wait for the start of the island's biggest race and most just want to take part but finished third in the half marathon four years in a row. >> translator: my goal on sunday is to improve my best time to between 1.9 and 1.10 and finish in second place. >> reporter: they have obstacles competing against those from wealthy countries.
5:56 am
>> translator: the reason runs is not more popular is because of the shoes, running shoes need to be better and runner despends on the tread and it needs to be reliable. >> reporter: can look and add mirror the shoes worn by visitors like the one who ran the new york mar than two weeks ago and back in action on his first visit to cuba. >> running the race to experience the city and the culture and the people, that is the most important thing. >> reporter: early morning start and this is the cuba religion. and running to win and others in the spirit of solidarity but we all will be pounding the same streets or suffering the same scorching havana sun, cubans have more foreigners than ever before. 4700 enter to run the ten-21 and 42 kilometer races and taking in some of havana's historic
5:57 am
monuments and 1400 were foreigners and a third came from the united states, difficult foreign relations before they were established this year and heat and humidity were intense but most happy to finish and ladies pushed a bit harder and finished second. >> translator: i won bronze four years in a row and wanted the triumph and i trained for it and did it. i felt good the first 15 kilometers and now i'm exhausted. >> reporter: running is an individual sport and there is nothing like the solidarity forged through shared suffering pounding the streets to bring people from all over the world together. daniel with al jazeera, havana, cuba. and that is all the sport for now, more a little bit later jane. >> thanks very much for that, we do have a bulletin on raids happening in brussels and france and do stay with us. i'll see you then.
5:58 am
>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target.
5:59 am
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♪ they raid homes in the capitol brussels searching for suspects in the paris attacks. ♪ i'm jane at al jazeera headquarters in doha and dozens arrested in france following 150 raids across the country. france launches retaliatory air strikes on i.s.i.l.'s stronghold in syria. defeating i.s.i.l. remains the main focus at the g 20 summit in turkey as pressure mounts on russia to target the armed group. ♪